April 2010 Meteor Shower Looked Like a Fireball in the Sky

Written by: on 16th April 2010 |
April 2010 Meteor Shower Looked Like a Fireball in the Sky  | read this item

A lot of people were suprised last night when they saw somewhat like a fireball that lit the sky in Northern Iowa, Wisconsin.

Accordingly, it was a meteor shower called Gamma Virginids that struck at around 10PM Central Time and was also seen in Illnois, Ohio, Missouri and Indiana. According to Wikipedia, Gamma Virginids are a slow-moving minor meteor shower stream which usually spans from April 5 to April 21, peaking on April 14 and April 15, with less than five meteors per hour.

National Weather Service reports last night’s meteor shower event as a fireball that was seen over the northern sky moving from west to east. It then broke up into smaller pieces and was lost from sight well before it reached the horizon.

Were you able to see last night’s meteor shower? If not, then we have a video below.

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