Verizon Apple iPhone 4G Release Date and WWDC 2010 Latest Update

Written by: on 8th June 2010 |
Verizon Apple iPhone 4G Release Date and WWDC 2010 Latest Update  | read this item

If you’re excited to see what the features and how Steve Jobs will demonstrate the new iPhone 4G HD, mark your calendars now. On June 7, Steve Jobs will be having his keynote speech for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, along with the release of the new iPhone 4G HD.

The new iPhone 4G HD has been the most controversial mobile gadget in the past months this year, with Apple losing its prototype unit in a university bar. So far pictures of the new iPhone 4G units that are legimitately out for distribution, do not fall far from the lost prototype unit that Gizmodo had an exclusive coverage.

So far Verizon Wireless isn’t one of the definite mobile service providers that will be distributing the new Iphone 4G in new subscription lines. Data charges for older iPhone units are currently just being adjusted. Stay tuned, and we’ll be giving a live blogging feed for the iPhone 4G release this coming June 2010.

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