iPhone 4 Specifications and WWDC 2010 Live Stream Updates

Written by: on 8th June 2010 |
iPhone 4 Specifications and WWDC 2010 Live Stream Updates  | read this item

Update: We’ve already seen a post about the iPhone 4 Specifications and it’s said to the the Thinnest Smartphone in the World.

The events that led in introducing the upcoming Apple iPhone 4G have been dramatic. First, the prototype unit which was carried by one of Apple’s engineers was left at some bar stool. Time only did tell that Gizmodo paid for the lost prototype unit worth $5000 and did an exclusive feature. Apple got it back, the engineer got fired, and later on Apple is on the center of the news after a report that one of the iPhone engineer-assemblers back in Shenzen, China jumped off a building. Rumor has it that the reason for the suicide of the Apple iPhone employee back in China was because of the lost prototype unit. Not to be disappointed though, the anonymity of how the iPhone 4G HD works is still safe- Gizmodo wasn’t able to feature the iPhone with charged batteries.

It was all set the last minute that people wondered whether the new iPhone 4G HD will be launched after WWDC 2010 (June 18 as rumors say). News feeds from all over the world have also said their part and the launch is going to be in a few hours. Not to hold you readers any longer, here is the WWDC 2010 Live Stream Coverage for the Iphone 4G HD

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