Battle of Smart Phones: Google Nexus One vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

Written by: on 16th May 2010 |
nexus one vs apple iphone
Battle of Smart Phones: Google Nexus One vs. Apple iPhone 3GS  | read this item

Google Nexus One vs. Apple iPhone 3GS: Two of the most famous smart phones out in the market today are Google’s Android Phone called Nexus One developed by HTC and Apple’s latest version of iPhone called Apple iPhone 3GS. So moving on with the head to head comparison between Google Nexus One and Apple iPhone 3GS, we have the following findings:

On its screen alone, Google Nexus One smart phone has definitely larger screen than Apple iPhone 3GS. Nexus One has 3.7″ screen compare to Apple iPhone 3GS’ 3.5″ screen. Hand in hand with the screen size is the resolution. Nexus One got a resolution of 480 x 800 as against the resolution of Apple iPhone 3GS’ resolution of 320 x 480.

Apple iPhone’s processor is 600 MHZ while that of Google Nexus One phone is 1GHZ. Moving on to memory Apple iPhone 3GS presents itself with less memory capacity than Nexus One phone. However, in terms of applications, no doubt Apple iPhone wins Google Nexus One phone with a lot more apps available since Nexus One’s Android operating system is fairly new.

There are just some of the comparisons between Apple iPhone and Google Nexus One Phone. If you were to choose between the two, which one would you choose to buy?

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  1. Bob says:

    I would wait and buy the new iPhone coming out in June.

    Comparing the 1 yr old iPhone with the recently released Nexus is stupid and 0.2 inches of screen space isn’t the deciding factor.

    Overall, dumb article. Can’t you do better?

  2. Watermonkey says:

    nexus, hands down

  3. Bossalini says:

    iPhone, cos its easier to use

  4. stephen mcdermott says:

    You compare an iPhone that is about to be replaced with a new android phone, but don’t qualify it. Then you say iPhone has more apps, but you point out that the Droid phone is new.
    Anyone who knows anything about phones won’t get ANYTHING from this lame article.
    Anyone who does not know anything will be mislead.
    Great reporting.

  5. Euk says:

    Its not an dumb article….Apple set the standard of the smartphone market when they released the first iPhone…they got beat at their own game with the nexus one…now they should come out with a better phone instead of just upgrading an existing OS with third party apps from jailbroken phones and saying that its the new iPhone instead of an upgraded 4th generation iphone…