UFC 118 Opens Up for James Toney

Written by: on 28th August 2010 |
UFC 118 Opens Up for James Toney  | read this item

Once a fighter, always a fighter. This has been the motto of all fighters in the world. James Toney, has been known in his boxing world and now he wants to conquer the mixed martial arts world. In boxing, he was able to get titles in six weight classes, 72 wins and just six losses.

His record in boxing has been amazing but fans are longing to see if he can endure UFC. Especially now that his debut fight would against the legendary Randy Couture. Age wise, Couture is a little older than Toney but age doesn’t count that much. Couture has marked something in UFC that no one could ever get. He has been a three-time former heavyweight champion and a two-time light-heavyweight champion.

Getting into the mixed martial arts is not that easy for Toney, he needs to give a lot of adjustments. He used to fight without legs in boxing. In UFC needs to use all his body parts. It’s too soon to judge anyway. We still don’t know what he really got. He may surprise everyone inside the octagon.

UFC 118 Live stream can be seen in various sports sites and it can also be seen in several sports channels. Clear up your schedules on August 28, 2010 and together let’s watch this spectacular event.

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