Sacrifices Are to Be Made: Pacquiao’s Take on Fighting with Mexican Marquez

Written by: on 25th September 2011 |
Sacrifices Are to Be Made: Pacquiao’s Take on Fighting with Mexican Marquez  | read this item

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez are both looking forward to the day that they will come face to face with each other once again. This third and upcoming fight known as Pacquiao vs Marquez III that will take place on November 12 in Las Vegas is set to be the best among the series of boxing matches between the two.

After two previous matches, both Pacquiao and Marquez have mastered their competitors pretty well and are aware of their targets. Thus, all of their fans and teams are looking forward to what the two will play within the twelve round of the competition. But this is not to say that the two aren’t sacrificing so much of themselves for this match because they are.

Both Pacquiao and Marquez have to endure long days and hours being away from their family and loved ones back home. Although the price at stake might be more than enough to support children until the rest of their lives, both men believe that money is nothing compared to the love and support that their family shower them with. Such soft hearted men – but when competition strikes, they fight like there’s no tomorrow.

Other than this, Pacquiao, who is a politician in the Philippines also has to sacrifice serving his people for a certain period of time. But of course he left all his duties to someone he can deeply trust. He is set on keeping his focus on the fight and winning the title because his win will also be the win of his countrymen.

Marquez on the other hand also has to sacrifice his other duties and responsibilities and is also looking forward to winning his first ever title against Pacquiao in this particular competition come November.

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