Sedentary Lifestyle Could Be Reduced By Machines Attached To Computers

Written by: on 16th August 2011 |
Sedentary Lifestyle Could Be Reduced By Machines Attached To Computers  | read this item

The demands of our technology nowadays requires an individual to be stuck facing their computers or laptops at almost 70% of their whole day. All these may not all related to work because some are just addicted to online games like best mac casinos online and similar recreational activities. Even outdoor sports have their won versions online thus making the sedentary lifestyle more appealing to a lot of people. Lucky for those people who work in a job that requires physical effort just like travel nursing jobs, fitness related occupations or working in the army or fire stations. However, there are also individuals that spend 8 hours a day in the office and face their loving computers. Furthermore, their bonding with the computer doesn’t end in the office because when they reach their houses, computer are also being used for some tasks like shopping. That is why the usual weekend grocery bonding of the household are slowly fading out. Some stores are even providing video slots to give away electronic gift certificates to shop more online.

However, these kind of lifestyle is totally not healthy. There may be a lot of convenience in dealing with computer related jobs but moving a little form time to time is needed by our system to maintain good circulation. Our health experts specifically the researchers from the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C., were able to come with an alternative way to stay moving while at a computer related work.

Pedalling a mini-exercise bike on the job could help improve the health of sedentary office workers. This pedal is being attached below the desktop in the offices and while working the person continues to pedal. “Findings from this study suggest that this pedal machine may be a feasible tool for reducing sedentary time while at work,” said Lucas Carr, the head researcher. Pedalling at the office could result in health benefits if done regularly. Similar to pedals, treadmills are also customized to fit under computer tables and similar gadgets are currently being manufactured.

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