Lebron James Joins Bosh and Wade in Miami Heat!

Written by: on 9th July 2010 |
Lebron James Joins Bosh and Wade in Miami Heat!  | read this item

The great trio on the world of NBA is finally formed. Their skills joined together would tough enough to grab next season’s championship. I’m talking about Bosh-Wade and now James. Yes folks, James is with them already. The number 23 MVP of the Cavaliers is now joining Miami Heat.

He has announced this very intriguing decision Thursday on his ESPN special from Greenwich, Connecticut. Such decision was made after a 7-year unsuccessful quest for the championship and his burning desire to win. “The best opportunity to win and to win now and to win in the future also,” James said. “Winning is a huge thing for me”, he added.

Even such decision was made, James has assured that Akra would always be his home. Fans of Cavaliers were very upset about this one. “They can have mixed emotions, of course,” James said.

This ‘change of court’ decision won’t be the only for sure. There would be upcoming switches which would amaze the world. Players do really come and go and being stars as an individual is the key for being in several teams yet maintains to be star.

What can you say about his decision? Feel free to give your comments in here.

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  1. halojin says:

    great trio on the world of NBA??? James + Joins Bosh + Wade of Miami Heat = CHAMPION!!!