Gulf Oil Spill Update: BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill Containment Effort Continues

Written by: on 5th June 2010 |
BP Oil Leak Containment Dome
Gulf Oil Spill Update: BP Gulf Coast Oil Spill Containment Effort Continues  | read this item

BP Oil Leak Containment Efforts Continues: The British Petroleum (BP) which owns the oil rig should ast track its actions to contain the oil spill. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is getting larger and larger as time passes by. On its latest update, the oil spill which started from an oil rig explosion last April 20, 2010 in the Deepwater Horizon owned by Transocean is getting closer and closer to the Louisana coastline which poses a threat to the marine life over there.

US President Barack Obama has called every possible action to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico from continuous leakage. As of last week, a third leak in the oil rig was found which is throwing the most amount of oil into the water.

According to several experts, the current situation of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may probably surpass the extent of the BP oil spill which happened in 1989 from Exxon Valdez in Alaska. That particular oil spill is so far considered as the worst oil spill in the history resulting to millions of environmental damages particularly in the livelihood of fishermen and in the wildlife. Currently, it has already reached more than half of the size of that oil spill.

I hope they do the fastest possible action to contain this oil spill in Gulf of Mexico from further leakage to the water. Companies who have the necessary oil spill machineries like boom oil equipment should coordinate with the authorities. I’ve heard that these boom oil equipments clean oil spills and contains them to avoid further leakage.

So far, the US Government has already taken its action to contain this oil spill which is spreading fast in the Gulf of Mexico. Last May 2, BP begins accepting claims for the Gulf Coast oil spill via BP’s helpline at 1-800-440-0858. To date, more than 1 million gallons of oily water have been recovered and 367,881 feet of Boom have been deployed. Let’s all be united to prevent this oil leak from further damaging us.

Efforts to contain the BP oil spill centered is now centered in a solution called LMRP or Lower Marine Riser Package which involves a channeling of the oil leak to a nearby Discoverer Enterprise. This drillship, in turn will collect the oil and gas and then spew it out of the ocean to avoid further injuries.

I think people and most especially companies like BP and Transocean should be more careful enough the next time they drill another oil rig. Meanwhile, you can find above one of the pictures which represents the huge oil containment dome as one of the containment efforts being done in the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

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  2. So, years ago I worked for Hallibuton services as a operator. Cementing casings in and plugging up the wells.

    Solution to spill. Put back down the concrete bell and instead of sucking up the mess pump concrete down displace all the water and oil and entomb the wellhead in concrete.
    Mark Moritz
    Good luck to us all.

  3. Madeline Watkins says:

    Why are they fussing with all that broken pipe. can’t they cut the pipe at the well head use the regular capping equipment to shut it down completely? At least they could clear it off to make the problem simpler. Then it would be easier to cover the leak or plug it or cap it and quit dancing around this terrible problem. Keep it simple stupid. ps Watch JohnWayne in the movie Hellfighters. Maybe you can get some ideas from that.

  4. A satirical report on the BP oil spill– the companies responsible want to charge U.S. gov’t for it!

  5. Robert Robison says:

    I have a solution for stopping the flow of crude oil from flowing from the severed pipe. I would need to be compensated if you use my solution. Please contact me through email. Robert Robison.

  6. Justin says:

    We need to empower the creative capacity of the entire world to efficiently develop solutions. A good way to do that is through use of a wiki like Wikipedia. is a site doing that but is not well known. The best solution is for the Unified Command to set up such a wiki and we should all call our reps in congress and demand as much. We should also demand that all relevant engineering data be released to give the motivated engineers and laypeople alike the information they need to develop the best solutions.

    Not until we’ve done these things and empowered the collective intellect of the world can we begin to say all resources have been brought to bare on the crisis. The congressional switchboard number is (202)224-3121. You can call that and ask for your representative. The Unified Command suggestion number is 281.366.5511.

  7. rob says:

    Well the problem Madeline Watkins is that if they cut the pipe off complety, then they will have a but load of pressure comeing out the ground, so therefor they cant cap it nor seal it. they will have a bigger spill if they cut the pipe complety off. This is my idea use the same chemical they used on the last oil spill. what they do is pump the chemical in the line with pressure, which will clog up then keep pumping untill the hole is clogged up. then once they done that put cement in the hole. and cut the pipe off. then they can drill another rig some where else. Also everyone who is blaming BP for this. I belive you are wrong. It is not BP fault, if anyone is to blame it would be, DOT they are the ones who checked the pipe last. Also i belive our president is not doing enough to help BP out ( just my opinion). Bp is not to blam on this one, just cause everyone hates the gas prices dont mean they got to blame BP.

  8. Dana C says:

    To Robert Robinson…..Don’t you think they have smart enough people to repair the leak if they really wanted it fixed?
    I have a repair rig design for them also….I’ve contacted them, but I’ve yet to hear a peep out of them. I would expect compensation just as you would….there is no free lunch for profit seeking oil companies. We can come up with all the repair ideas in the world….if they have an agenda there’s not a thing any one of us can do.

  9. Alex Clark says:

    Robert Robinson, are you serious? compensation on something that could very well save millions of our dollars not to mention marine life that affect you? You should be honored if they even considered your idea, but from the sound of it, it is more than likely just as ignorant as you.

  10. Holly Wood says:

    This is both horrific and discusting at the same time. Not only are they harming the lives of sea life, but they’re also losing money from travellers. They’re saying Canadians should cut our protection pipes that can stop an oil spill in approx. 1 dayv , but look what they have done, due to their dumb ideas. If animals from sea go extinct , then there’s no point of travelling. Get plans!

  11. Gismerelda says:

    Dana C & Alex Clark please note that the mans name was Robert Robison NOT Robert Robinson. If you would look above you see that it is Robert Robison that made the comment. Pay closer attention next time please. Thanks!

  12. kathleen mcmullan says:

    I was told that they were looking for llama and alpaca fiber to help absorb the oil. I have llama fiber and am trying to find out how to help the enviroment now!

  13. Michael Drain says:

    I have a very simple solution to stop the leak and/or control the flow of oil. I would like for someone from BP to contact me asap.

  14. kathleen mcmullan says:

    I would like to donate llama fiber to absorb the leak but don’t know how or where

  15. cynthia dunkelberger says:

    A possible “quick fix” solution might be to fabricate a semi permiable geotechnic fabric such as that used in some landfil applications in Florida which could be anchored by concrete or steel cylinders. This fabric could then be dropped over the leak. This geotechnic fabric is designed to be water and gas permiable but would trap the thicker oil and thereby contain the oil which would then form thick tar like balls underneath to slow the oil flow out of the pipe. This solution may work until a more permanant capping of the pipe could be accomplished.

  16. Elias Kamundi says:

    Hi guys.If you guys have brains who can go to the moon,how on earth cant you stop the leak.Assemble the best brains of oil professionals to crack a way out.Let not leave the spill to BP only.Lets all combine effort to sort out the mess.Once the leak is fixed,way now look for who to blame!Twende kazi!!!

  17. moe says:

    this is bull shit

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  19. willem kaijser says:

    having an oil super tanker parked there with a pump capacity 2X the amount being pumped through the pipe by the gas pressure will vastly increase the number of solution options.

  20. Ted says:

    Dear Madam / Sir,
    The solution to shut off the oil flow can be had with the Theodore Cap. The Theodore Cap is like a fluted dowel, wider at the top and tapered down to the bottom. The bottom should be about 3/4 of the top. The flutes start at 2 feet from the top down. The 2 feet top, without the flutes should fit the inside diameter of the blow pipe. Included in the 2 feet top is a wider part about 3 inches with a rubber seal that should rest on top of the blow pipe. The bottom of the Theodore Cap should be rounded to deflect oil pressure to the sides and to channel the oil pressure into the flutes. The whole length and weight should be in correlation to the depth of the hole and the pressure, to be decided by on site specialists. The Theodore Cap should be constructed of high grade dense concrete with no re-bars, as they in time may corrode.
    Thank you very much for your consideration. Ted

  21. John A. Kreuz says:


    Call in demolition experts to assess their recommendations for imploding on the rupture.

    When I was a teenager I remember watching dredging operations in the Buffalo NY harbor. Explosives were detonated in the rock river bed and finely crushed stone was then removed. Also, at that time I did a chemistry term paper on atomic energy and I recall that one of the critical designs of the atomic bomb was specific placement of charges to drive the U235 segments to critical mass under swift and extreme pressure.

    Would it be possible to concentrically and with proper geometry place charges in the Gulf rock bed and detonate them so that crushed rock under enormous pressure would seal the leak? Demolition experts could help with the viability of this idea.

    I know, most will say that I’m a nut for suggesting to crack open the entire oil deposit, releasing all the oil for an even bigger ecological disaster. However, explosive shock waves can be focused.

  22. lenguest says:

    think helium balloons.lower fabric folded of say 50 linear yards.attach pump hose securely to top.allow cigar shaped fabric to sink with a skirt around the leading skirt to sea bed away from leak with concrete blocks.release fastening to skirt and using the pressure of oil to inflate the balloon.allow oil to partly fill the balloon to neutralise the pressure from outside.release second,third and fourth tie to allow oil to maintain equilibrium of pressure.start pumping.the cigar shaped balloon only needs to be of suufficient diameter to contain the amount of oil actually spilling.job done.

  23. pat o'farrell says:

    install an inverted cap with a hard neophene rubber boot that would slip over pipe and flange,and an oil hose line from top of fitting to the surface.

  24. jacques Decarie says:

    If its a pipe that needs to be blocked, why not insert a smaller pipe inside it and inflate a thick rubber balloon inside the bigger pipe. Same principle as with a medical angioplastie but on a bigger scale with high pressure. The balloon could be kept inflated with a high pressure tank attached to it.

  25. This is exactly what our Fearless Leader should be doing, but he has no concept of how to get different groups, including industry, to work together. All he can do is blame, sue, threaten, set up commissions, and make empty promises, which by the way, may ignore the rule of law (“forcing” BP to set up an escrow account? c’mon!) Furthermore, he’s turning this into an international incident by directing so much hatred at BP, instead of figuring out better ways to work with them. They’re the culprits, but also our best hope for fixing the problem. Worst of all, he and his advisors have NO IDEA what they could be doing, because they’re all just lawyers and politicians, who always think in terms of courts and legislation, not SOLVING REAL LIFE PROBLEMS. Please just fix the problem, don’t screw around with compensation schemes for people who want to work, or talk about legal action, until AFTER the problem is fixed.
    Stephanie Mcnealy

  26. Why hasn’t anyone tried making a sideways
    valve( like a ( HOT PATCH )? They can use a cylinder with 2 or 3 flex pipes hooked to it and a valve on top of that. Use the flex pipes for diverting some of the pressure and oil to some barges or tankers, this will leave less pressure to deal with will installing the valve to cut off the flow. Use 4 chains or cables and pullies with 1 or 2 man submarines to slide the valve and lines sideways over top of the leak.Pull tight with the pullies, even if you have to use an above water ship or two. Then underwater weld the the cylinder and valve to the leak.
    Remove and seal off the pressure lines going to the barges, permenantly.Use the pressure lines to create a large vacumn cleaner, of a sort to recycle the oil spilled. Thanks; Willie of
    Trinity, Texas
    Says Don’t Mess With Texas !!!!!

  27. Real containment solutions – use the SQUID to channel the oil to the surface, then skimmers siphon off the oil from the top containment pool – the oil never spreads out, and it never comes close to our coasts! Environmentally friendly, no chemicals in the water, no wasting of millions of bales of hay meant for livestock, contains the oil from spreading and harming more wildlife, no nukes! Allows divers and machinery access to the ocean floor leak for repair/rebuild. Or allows them to drill another well 20 feet over for pressure relief of the leaking well.
    i’m glad BP is paying for it, but they are also paying for things that the government is responsible for, like putting all the oil men out of work by not approving their permits. BP would be doing much better if they started listening to the public as well, not just the government. Have you heard of using a SQUID? Super-Quick Undersea Incident Device – and it will contain the oil at location, instead of waiting until it is so spread out it’s a disaster. The SQUID device is using the KIS method and letting the oil flow naturally to the surface in a contained environment, instead of putting a pressure cap on it. it can still be used to stop the oil from spreading even more, while they are waiting on the relief wells to be functional.

  28. Hayder Al-Baldawi says:

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I’m Hayder Al-Baldawi from Iraq, I monitor of events the oil well and the problem caused to environmental .
    I have a suggestion to resolve this problem for short time with guarantee .
    PLZ if you are interested in my cooperation to resolve this problem, would be an honor for me.

    Contact name: Haider Ali Al-baldawy
    Phone Number: 00964-7703960672
    Address: Iraq,Baghdad
    E-mail: [email protected]

    best regard
    Hayder Al-Baldawi

  29. Kevin Grosh says:

    The site of all this oil sickens me , I have been in the oil patch in Canada for about 25 years , I like willie’s idea , Sliding a full port valve over the cut pipe and weld it ,then close the valve , WHY IS THIS NOT DONE . You could even go in with a packer . With the all the brains in the oil patch this should be fixed !!! Not the biggest desaster in the world , and to me that is where it is headed.

    Please use an Idea that will shut this down NOW , We will be paying for this many many years .