Carrier IQ Hype Resulted To Development Of Numerous Detector Apps

Written by: on 4th December 2011 |
Carrier IQ Hype Resulted To Development Of Numerous Detector Apps  | read this item

Everything started when hacking expert Trevor Eckhart observed what it seems to be unusual activity that this Carrier IQ program. For a brief background, Carrier IQ is a third-party metrics service that smartphone manufacturers and carriers are using to keep track of what their clients are doing with their gadgets. Accordingly, such thing exists for quality assurance and basis for future improvements.

Maybe until now you’re not aware if this thing exists in your phone. It is said to be not associated with whatever operating system you have depending on your smartphone brand as it is installed independently by either your carrier or your phone manufacturer. “I want to know if it exists in my phone,” says Chris Bech, an android phone user. Chris Bech is an entrepreneur who has been utilizing his smartphone for his business transactions.

Because of these demands, app developers immediately took the opportunity to build Carrier IQ detector apps to address clients needs. However, among the numerous Carrier IQ detector apps, none of them can actually remove the app, it will only detect it’s presence. It can be removed though but for android users, there is a need to root to the software. Apple Inc. on the other hand insisted that they’ve already get rid Carrier IQ since the release of their iOS5. RIM, the makers of BlackBerry phones also denied its presence.

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