You Cut – The New US Financial Program

Written by: on 13th May 2010 |
You Cut - The New US Financial Program  | read this item

Are you an American tax payer? Would You Cut Congress’ spend if you had the power to do so? Well now you do! According to Republican Whip Eric Cantor, they are introducing a new program where tax payers can now have a say in what spending needs to be cut. The voting can be done online or through cellphone.

Watch the video below for first-hand information:

If this program turns out to be a success, we can begin to change Washington’s culture of spending into a culture of savings. By so doing, we will help our nation to rise from the economic ashes that has befallen us. Not only do we help our current generation, we owe it to the future generation too.

For a complete list of the things you can vote for, please check out the official You Cut website.

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