Lady Gaga Amputated Leg Photo

Written by: on 30th April 2010 |
Lady Gaga Amputated Leg Photo  | read this item

Fashion icon and famous singer Lady Gaga made another issue that hit into the headlines of various news sites. We already knew the issue about her being a hermaphrodite before which was left unconfirmed. However, this latest news about her leg amputation was one that she herself confirmed already.

According to her, she had this operation done to her to look more unique in the eyes of her fans. What was surprising though was the fact that she had the full support of her recording company since they shouldered all the expenses on this surgery.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know what’s playing in the mind of Lady Gaga why did she do this to herself. I mean come to think of it. Her career is rising and she gets a lot of projects and opportunities. Having said that, she does not need to create an issue just to be in the limelight of press.

What do you think about this move by Lady Gaga? Personally speaking, I think she’s crazy for doing this. What could be next in the name of fashion uniqueness?

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  1. I found this story on Google news. This is crazy stuff.

  2. Olivia says:

    ohhh BS.

  3. ffffffffft says:

    daily top, I strongly recommend your editors to look up “Photoshop for Dummies”, it’ll surely be a huge help.

  4. billy bob says:

    Some people will fall for anything. Besides, who gives a crap. the idiot should have her head amputated and i encourage half the other liberal idiots of her ilk to join her.