Daniel Tammet Uses Visualization to Solve Math Problems

Written by: on 2nd June 2010 |
Daniel Tammet
Daniel Tammet Uses Visualization to Solve Math Problems  | read this item

Autistic savant and writer 31 year old Daniel Paul Tammet is a Math genius. He can answer high level mathematical problems in a very short span of time.

According to Tammet, he visualizes numbers as images that move through his mind. This unique ability allows him to solve mathematical problems very fast. This unique ability is called synaesthesia. He does not just visualizes the numbers but to him each number has a shape, feel, texture, and even conveys emotion.

Tammet was born and raised in London, with eight siblings. When Tammet was 25 years old, he was diagnosed to be a high-functioning autistic.

Daniel was not born with the family name Tammet but had his family name changed because he saw “Tammet” as more fitting of his personality. In the Estonian and Finnish languages, “Tammet” means “oak tree.”

Tammet is also a linguist who can speak nine languages. In 2008, his memoir entitled “Born On a Blue Day,” was awarded by the American Library Association with the “Best Book for Young Adults.” It is also a New York Times best-seller.

In his second book “Embracing the Wide Sky,” Tammet describes how his mind works. He also expounds on scientific research which show how natural intuitions and abilities can unleash each person’s potential.

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