China and USA Partnership Brings Hope

Written by: on 20th January 2011 |
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China and USA Partnership Brings Hope  | read this item

The recent partnership of the world’s most influential countries has been seen by most people as a sign of great hope. China’s President Hu Jintao visited USA this week and had a meet up with President Obama. Even though the two have a lot of differences, they just need to meet up in the middle to survive in this cruel world.

USA was badly struck by the great recession this past few years and they are still on the process of recovery. Their unemployment rate rose up at some point of time as a result of numerous companies closing due to bankruptcy. Slowly they moved on with their new President who promised to bring them out of the doomed situation. Unemployment benefits were given but it won’t be the real solution of the problem. They may insist for an unemployment extension but time will come that jobs should be provided for a long term survival.

With this partnership around and the pact for stronger ties between the two giant countries. Their co-dependence would mean more investments, more business and of course more jobs. This is the very thing that the American has been waiting for. The hope that has been longed has finally arrived.

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