Daily Top Trends is your daily source of information about top trending news and headline-grabbing gossips around the world wide web. We analyze data from Bing xRank, Yahoo Buzz and Google Trends. We deliver fresh and updated news based on our gathered data. We are a group of 8 dedicated individuals who delivers the freshest and most interesting news from all over the world, everyday! Daily Top Trends is founded in Serangoon, Singapore.

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Here’s the people behind Daily Top Trends:

Jie Jun Lan – Jie is the Editor-in-Chief of Daily Top Trends. She monitors the news that is submitted to DTT to ensure that they meet high quality editorial standards. She works hand-in-hand with writers to develop stories with a unique spin that cover events currently trending in the world wide web.

Robb Chew – Robb is our Associate Editor. He is also finance guru and is well versed in the zoology and astronomy. Writing gives him an outlet to share his unique views with his audience and open up discussion among peers.. He can speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia, and Hainanese.

Jessica Loh – Jessica is our Photo Journalist. She is a seasoned traveler and photographer who has a master’s degree in molecular biology and biotechnology. She enjoys the challenges that citizen journalism brings, but most she enjoys taking pictures from her day-to-day travel around the world.

Leong Ming En – Leong is our Managing Editor. He is also an expert in Python, Coldfusion, PHP and ASP.NET programming. He usually spends his time playing Modern Warfare 2 with his XBOX 360. He graduated from University Tunku Abdul Rahman with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Nicholas Sommerset – Nicholas is our Lead Researcher. He’s the only member of our team from London, UK. He makes sure that all articles submitted in Daily Top Trends comply with our high standards. He is a born-artist. He even won international oil painting competitions and a number of his paintings are featured in various art exhibits all over the world.

Fei Chai Koh – Nicholas is our Feature Editor and Web Administrator. She usually spends her time watching movies and playing guitar hero. She also loves to take pictures with her Canon EOS 1D Mark IV during his vacant hours. She’s also a contributor for CNN, BBC, TMZ, Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal.

Vanessa Go – Vanessa is our Sports Writer and Editor. She edits all submitted sports articles at DTT. She makes sure that all articles comply with her standards, and of course, DTT’s standards. She’s a volleyball player and she even participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a member of the Chinese Women’s volleyball team.

Maggie Lei – Maggie is our Technology Writer and Editor. She also writes about World, Business and Politics. She usually write reviews about different gadgets that she loves. She’s a Business Administration graduate from the National University of Singapore. She usually spends his vacant time accepting and denying submissions in DMOZ.

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